Paperback Fiction Short Take: What She Saw – Gerard Stembridge

You can recommend this stylish thriller to fans of Chris Pavone. In it, a heroine in the throes of a manic episode takes a trip to Paris, telling herself that as long as she stays on her meds everything is under control. Staying at the historic Hotel Chevalier, she impulsively follows a young woman she has just in the hotel’s bar and sees the young woman being assaulted by an older man who turns out to be a famous French politician. What should have been a vacation turns into a cat-and-mouse game as she tries to uncover the truth behind what she believes she saw. Author Stembridge is also a screenwriter and it shows in the story’s page-turning pace.

Librarians loved this one and singled it out as a LibraryReads pick.

Writer and director Stembridge creates an indefatigable protagonist, emboldened and energized by her mania, in a chase through the vividly portrayed City of Lights. A thoroughly entertaining mix of suspense and setting.”

“A satisfyingly twisty 24-hour thrill ride through the heart of contemporary Paris. Lana Gibson, an American living in Dublin, decides on a whim to fly to Paris…. At the posh Hotel Le Chevalier, she talks to a beautiful woman in the bar. An hour later, the impulsive Lana slips into the hotel’s private elevator, which she knows goes up to a private suite. When the elevator doors open, she spots the woman from the bar resisting the advances of a naked older man… [who] turns out to be…an important French politician…. The secondary viewpoint of a frustrated small player in Fournier’s organization adds complexity and raises the tension.”
Publisher Weekly

What She Saw (9780062568984) by Gerard Stembridge. $15.99 trade paper original. 5/23/17 on sale.