Shop Local This Weekend–and Year Round!

introTomorrow is Small Business Saturday–I’m sure you’ve seen the American Express ad. It gives you a vague warm fuzzy, right?

Well, the specifics about the good shopping local does for your community should make you feel even better. Check out this fun infographic by one of my favorite writers and cartoonists–Mary Laura Philpott of Parnassus Books. (If you like her illustrations check out her book Penguins with People Problems. )

You’ll come out the other end feeling even better about buying books (and shoes and hammers and lattes) from the local merchants who make your town a place you want to live!

Mary Laura allowed me to be grab a few images here–but get the whole story by going to Musing–a laid back lit journal.



11/30/13: Small Business Saturday and Indies First

With Small Business Saturday still a week away, authors throughout the country have committed to pitching in and showing what bookstores mean to them.

The Indies First initiative has enrolled almost 900 authors who will be working as volunteers at more than 400 bookstores nationwide. Started by author Sherman Alexie and coordinated by the ABA, you can check this posted map and list of participating stores to see who might be a guest bookseller in your community.

It’s no secret that we vote with our dollars for the kind of community we want. If you love your Indie bookstore, turn out on 11/30/13, look for something cool to read, and say hi to your neighbors. One of them might be a famous author you didn’t even  know lives in your town–and loves your bookstore, too.