Poetry Month! Fast – Jorie Graham

A new book by Pulitzer Prize winner Graham is always an event;  Dwight Garner in the New York Times called her “a central figure in the last four decades of American poetry.”

A much admired and ground-breaking stylist, the scope of her subject matter is also impressive. This time she contemplates on the future–the ‘post-human’ condition from cyberbots to 3D-printed humans; the limits of life from the crumbling minds of old age to the possibility of consciousness beyond the grave.

“Graham’s 12th collection [is]… a dizzying, difficult exploration of that border and the world beyond—the one in which the human is becoming or has become unrecognizable: ‘Each epoch dreams the one to follow.// To dwell is to leave a trace.// I am not what I asked for.’ This latest book contains some of Graham’s most accomplished work to date—the poems ‘Reading to My Father’ and ‘The Medium’ among them—but Graham has always been a poet of great books, followed by books that explore new forms and new ways of seeing. This is at its heart a book of exploration, with varied levels of success. Still, there’s a great pleasure in reading one of America’s most intelligent poets work her way through subjects that are by their nature beyond understanding.”
Publishers Weekly

Fast: Poems (9780062663481) by Jorie Graham. $25.99 hardcover. 5/2/17 on sale.


Poetry: From the New World – Jorie Graham

Our Ecco imprint arguably publishes a stable of some of the most influential contemporary American poets. This volume of selected poems from Pulitzer Prize winner Graham covers four decades and weighs in at almost 400 pages, offering a comprehensive look at her artistic evolution.

“If Graham has proved oversized as a poet in the field of contemporary poetry, it is because she continually recalls the great Western tradition of philosophical and religious inquiry…tenaciously thinking and feeling her way through layer after layer of perception, like no poet before her.”
— Calvin Bedient

“In culling from 11 collections, the volume is necessarily limited in scope, but it succeeds in giving readers—particularly new ones—a long view of the aesthetic development and ethical awakening of one of America’s most important and critically lauded contemporary poets….[T]he scale of thought and perception—and the arc of arguments that coalesce over the course of this selected—is a testament to Graham’s work and her willingness to push herself into new territory with each new book. For that reason, one wonders, in reading the four new poems, if Graham is again searching for a new form to take her forward.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

From the New World: Poems 1976-2014 (9780062315403) by Jorie Graham. $29.99 hardcover. 2/17/15 on sale.