Religion Short Take: Jesus: A Pilgrimage – James Martin, S.J.

Jesuit priest James Martin has written two best-selling humor-tinged books on religion—The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and Between Heaven and Mirth. In this book he starts with the premise that what should be a life-changing encounter with the vivid, real-life person of Jesus is often turned into a cold series of dos and don’ts. He takes us on his personal spiritual journey and invites us to find our own way. Given Martin’s sales track and relationship with Stephen Colbert, expect good publicity and media coverage.

“Inviting readers of ‘deep faith or no faith’ to meet the Jesus he loves…[t]he noted Jesuit, media commentator, and author balances faith and reason in the classic Catholic tradition as he ponders the meaning of significant events in Jesus’s life. Martin’s broad knowledge of current academic work informs his imaginative exploration of possible answers. [H]e emphasizes that Jesus, at once both human and divine, is ‘not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.’… Throughout, vivid details of his search in blistering heat for holy sites both authentic and dubious anchor this complex, compelling spiritual testimony. ‘You’ve met my Jesus,’ he concludes. ‘Now meet your own.’”

Jesus: A Pilgrimage (9780062024237) by James Martin, S.J. $27.99 hardcover. 3/11/14 on sale.
Publishers Weekly (starred review)