Poetry Month! Fast – Jorie Graham

A new book by Pulitzer Prize winner Graham is always an event;  Dwight Garner in the New York Times called her “a central figure in the last four decades of American poetry.”

A much admired and ground-breaking stylist, the scope of her subject matter is also impressive. This time she contemplates on the future–the ‘post-human’ condition from cyberbots to 3D-printed humans; the limits of life from the crumbling minds of old age to the possibility of consciousness beyond the grave.

“Graham’s 12th collection [is]… a dizzying, difficult exploration of that border and the world beyond—the one in which the human is becoming or has become unrecognizable: ‘Each epoch dreams the one to follow.// To dwell is to leave a trace.// I am not what I asked for.’ This latest book contains some of Graham’s most accomplished work to date—the poems ‘Reading to My Father’ and ‘The Medium’ among them—but Graham has always been a poet of great books, followed by books that explore new forms and new ways of seeing. This is at its heart a book of exploration, with varied levels of success. Still, there’s a great pleasure in reading one of America’s most intelligent poets work her way through subjects that are by their nature beyond understanding.”
Publishers Weekly

Fast: Poems (9780062663481) by Jorie Graham. $25.99 hardcover. 5/2/17 on sale.