Publicity: Dragon Teeth – Michael Crichton

Sometimes new bestsellers by dead authors can be more smoke than fire. So it was exciting to see the all the first week raves for this, including a four star review from USA Today:

“Michael Crichton has come roaring back with an engaging, bookmark-biting historical thriller… Dragon Teeth isn’t ‘literary’ fiction. Plain and simple, it’s Crichton fiction — a fun, suspenseful, entertaining, well-told tale filled with plot twists, false leads and lurking danger in every cliffhanging chapter. When you’re done, you’ll wish for more.”

Dragon Teeth (9780062473356) by Michael Crichton. $28.99 hardcover. Available.

New Fiction: Dragon Teeth – Michael Crichton

Welcome to our first blockbuster of the beach read season!

But isn’t this guy dead? Yes… however unlike authors whose estates license their names after death and hire writers to continue writing books in the author’s style (think Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie), two of the last three Crichton novels are completed manuscripts from his archives. (The outlier is Micro, which was completed by science writer Richard Preston).

This new novel returns to two favorite Crichton topics: dinosaurs and adventurers. Drawing on the story of two real-life 19th century paleontologists–Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh—who are in a battle to out-discover each other in the American West. The story follows a Yale student who joins Marsh and enters a world of gold rush towns, warring Indian nations and two obsessed scientists pillaging the fossil history of the West.

Steven Spielberg and Sony are developing the novel into a series for the National Geographic Channel.

“Among all Crichton’s novels, it’s one of his best, a beautifully detailed, scientifically engrossing, absolutely riveting story.”
Booklist (starred review)

“A fast-paced page-turner that showcases Crichton’s singular ability to combine action, science, and history into one fantastic story. Fans will be thrilled, while new readers will discover what makes his books so enthralling.”
Library Journal

“Crichton pays homage, again, to Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World in this entertaining historical thriller…in a West made even more perilous in the aftermath of Custer’s Last Stand. Fans of Crichton’s historical suspense books, such as The Great Train Robbery, will be pleased.
Publishers Weekly

“Crichton has always stunned me as a writer of fantastically well-researched science fiction, and while Dragon Teeth is very much a Western, his thorough research and gripping action shines through in a fast-paced novel of science and gun slinging…. [It] delivers all the hallmarks of a classic Crichton, with an experimental twist almost akin to Eaters of the Dead.  For fans of Westerns, it will provide a well-researched novel with a different perspective from typical works of the genre.  For fans of historical fiction, audiences will be captivated by Crichton’s research into the worldviews of various nineteenth-century demographic groups.  For all types of readers, Dragon Teeth will be nearly impossible to put down.  Nearly ten years after moving on, Crichton demonstrates he still has considerable power as a novelist.  Frankly, it makes all us among the living look bad.”
— Dylan Tucker, Joseph-Beth, Crestview Hills, KY

Dragon Teeth (9780062473356) by Michael Crichton. $28.99 hardcover. 5/23/17 one day laydown.