Catching Up

As you know, this newsletter went AWOL last summer–so let me start with a note of explanation and apology.

Fifteen years ago, a weekly newsletter for booksellers seemed like a targeted way to get information out. But life in 2018 is a lot buzzier. Information abounds–instantly and from many sources. Aggregation, frequency, brevity is how we’re taking in information now.  My formula of weekly longer form reviews started to feel stale.

So, I took a few weeks off to mull it all over. And that time of kind of got away from me… Sorry. 😊

While I wasn’t writing, it occurred to me that better model of what I originally wanted to do already exists: the Harper sales department’s Books We Love. It’s a monthly email alert that lists a dozen key releases important to the Indie market. It’s a quick read, visually oriented, and with links to and social media assets.

If you don’t already receive it, you can subscribe here.

I have to grant that this last year’s Sunday mornings off have been nice. But every once I’d get the itch to rave about why an upcoming book was so terrific. A few newsletter readers said they missed that, too—just something to help them focus on gems that might get overlooked on the reading pile. Someone else suggested it would be better to know about these books earlier, say when the ARCs went out rather than right before on sale.

So, I’m going to give that a try. That means this week’s “Book of the Week” will be the last post for Harper/Bookselling.  I can’t think of a better book to end on. Census is a novel of great emotional power and imagination—one of those literary gems that made us all want to go into bookselling in the first place.

Thanks for following along these past years. Look for occasional reviews from here on out alerting you to ARCs you might want to pick up. I hope the next chapter is helpful.


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