Nonfiction Short Take: We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria – Wendy Pearlman

This is a potent first-person collection of voices and testimonies from survivors of the Syrian Civil War and the subsequent humanitarian crisis that created over 4 million people seeking refuge.

While we might claim a kind of information fatigue when it comes to Syria, the stories of ordinary Syrians have remained largely unheard– stories told about them have painted by the brush of political agendas designed to create dread and to demonize millions of desperate, ordinary people. I challenge you to read this and not be moved by the quiet strength, hope and courage of these voices. Harper’s Magazine will run a first serial

 “[F]illed with hope, informed by an understanding of the unity possible in spite of the discord sowed by Assad.”
   — Publishers Weekly

Pearlman’s book is not only important because it puts names to suffering, but also because it reminds readers—especially in the final segment, Reflections’—that in the Syrian conflict, ‘there is no right or wrong,’ only problematic ‘shades of gray.’ A poignant and humane collection.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Pearlman aims to tell the personal stories of Syrian refugees who are often treated as a monolith in mainstream media…Stories range from hopeful during the protests to devastating as the war goes on. Families are separated, killed, and forced out of their homeland. The raw voices of refugees resonate as they describe the terror of living in a war zone…A heartbreaking, human, and necessary book. Recommended for anyone who wishes to better understand the Syrian conflict.”
   — Library Journal

We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria (9780062654618) by Wendy Pearlman. $24.99 hardcover. 6/6/17 on sale.

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