Short Fiction Take: The Widow’s House – Carol Goodman

Goodman is the author of fourteen novels including the bestselling The Lake of Dead Languages. Here she dishes up psychological suspense that offers an updated tip of the hat to classic gothic ghost stories. Give this one to fans of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House.

“Clare Martin…and her husband, Jess, sell their twice-mortgaged Brooklyn loft and move to Concord, N.Y., where Clare grew up and the couple attended college. They can’t afford to buy a home, so they accept jobs as caretakers of River House, their former writing professor’s dilapidated mansion. At first, the change in scenery proves beneficial to them both…. But when Clare starts seeing ghostly figures and hearing cries in the night, readers will be forced to wonder whether River House is actually haunted or Clare is suffering a mental breakdown….[T]fresh plot and modern characters give this twisty contemporary gothic a timeless feel.”
Publishers Weekly

 “Hoping to rejuvenate their flagging writing careers, Clare and Jess Martin inadvertently move into a haunted house. Not everyone will survive….A spellbinding and delicious ghost story.”
Kirkus Reviews

The Widow’s House (9780062562623) by Carol Goodman. $15.99 trade paper original. 3/7/17 on sale.


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