Cooking: My Master Recipes – Patricia Wells

This beautiful cookbook from a respected master is Patricia Wells’ take on what to means to cook—as well as the techniques that make for a well-rounded home chef. Put this on the shelf next to Julia Child’s The Way to Cook for its scope and ambition. The advance reviews are raves.

“In this superb tutorial, Wells shares master recipes from her classes to inspire confidence in home cooks. She includes simple techniques such as blanching, steaming, simmering, and poaching that serve as the foundation of her recipes….She also includes a helpful list of essential equipment. Each technique is followed by several recipes utilizing that approach with an occasional side bar….Those who already possess confidence in the kitchen can dive right into the wealth of appealing recipes, likely learning a thing or two along the way. Wells’s chapter on infusing is spectacular, including not only oils and butters but salts, cheeses, and sorbets. Asian chicken and cilantro meatballs, falafel, and mushroom brioche rolls are just a few of the immensely satisfying recipes she includes in this welcome addition to her cookbook repertoire.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Imagine you’re in France with a marvelous teacher…. [Patricia] Wells calmly guides readers through essential techniques and offers illustrative ‘master recipes’ to learn and reinterpret…beautiful and instructive…her recipes and notes are a pleasure to read. If you’re lamenting the loss of Julia Child and Richard Olney, this is a must.”
Library Journal (starred review)

My Master Recipes: 165 Recipes to Inspire Confidence in the Kitchen *With Dozens of Variations* (9780062424822) by Patricia Wells. $35.00 hardcover. 3/7/17 on sale.

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