Fiction Short Take: Shining City – Tom Rosenstiel

Rosenstiel—a veteran political journalist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institute—makes his fiction debut with a twisty page turner about the vetting of a Supreme Court nominee. Add in all the inside baseball of left- and right-wing politics and a possible serial killer and you’ve got a page turner for those who can’t get enough of the nail-biter that is real-world America right now. 😉

“[A] polished, entertaining political thriller. President James Nash hires Washington, D.C., spin doctors Peter Rina and Randi Brooks to “scrub” potential Supreme Court nominee Roland Madison….The conservative Rina and the liberal Brooks are an engaging team, and Rosenstiel does a brilliant job dramatizing how Washington’s political sausage is made.”
Publishers Weekly

Veteran journalist Rosenstiel’s debut novel ‘shines’ with page-turning intensity that will make readers hope that this book is the beginning of a new series. Highly recommended for legal and political thriller junkies and fans of David Baldacci and John Grisham.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“[A]n amazing novel full of insider knowledge and insights that could have only come from a writer who has been there. I don’t mean just inside the beltway; I mean inside the places of power and justice. Combine that with a plot that pulses with the momentum of an edge of your seat thriller and Tom Rosenstiel delivers a debut that will be remembered for years.”
— Michael Connelly

Shining City (9780062475367) by Tom Rosenstiel. $26.99 hardcover. 2/21/17 on sale.

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