Publicity: The Trump Survival Guide – Gene Stone

It’s been another alarming week for human rights. The marches last weekend sent a strong message–but these are messages that need to continue if Americans want true legislative representation.

If you find social media a bit of a dispiriting rabbit hole when it comes to research, grab a copy of The Trump Survival Guide. PW just posted a stellar review; Salon calls it “crisp and pragmatic.” And the $10 price point makes it an affordable starting point for almost everyone.

“Stone addresses 12 key issues, including civil rights, the economy, entitlement programs, health insurance, and immigration. Each is divided into several sections: a Wikipedia-style quick historical overview; what happened under the Obama administration; worst-case scenarios asking ‘What might Donald Trump do?’; and ‘What you can do,’ with information on how to get involved, organizations to join and support, further reading, and the like. This book has everything novice activists need to get started, all in one place….The ‘What you can do’ sections, which could easily have been repetitive, are instead varied and each worthy of careful perusal. Americans concerned about their country’s fate under a Donald Trump presidency will find that this book is the ideal resource for meaningful civic engagement.”
Publishers Weekly

The Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living Through What You Hoped Would Never Happen (9780062686480) by Gene Stone. $9.99 trade paper original. Available now.

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