Suspense Fiction Short Take: Her Every Fear – Peter Swanson

Swanson is a house favorite. He writes elegant, old fashioned commercial suspense that draws from the Hitchcock and Highsmith playbook. Marked by surprising twists and turns, this new one starts as an updated take on Rear Window but adds Swanson’s signature 21st century style that Booklist says has “[h]igh tension, lightning-fast pacing and psychological drama in spades.”

Two starred reviews, Indie Next and Library Reads picks, and raves already landing in the national press.

“Chapter by chapter, the text peels back layers to reveal a pathological relationship between Kate’s cousin and a long-ago acquaintance that’s reminiscent of a folie à deux out of Patricia Highsmith… By then, readers, privy to much Kate doesn’t know, may be experiencing their own anxiety.”
Wall Street Journal

 “Most readers won’t anticipate the Hitchcockian twists and turns in this standout suspense tale.”
  — Washington Post

Swanson established a reputation for complex psychological thrillers with his previous novels…, but here he introduces a delicious monster-under-the-bed creepiness to the expected top-notch characterization and steadily mounting anxiety.”
Booklist (starred review)

“Psychological thriller devotees should block time to read Swanson’s novel in one sitting, preferably in the daylight. Readers can expect the hairs on their necks to stand straight up as they are consumed with a full-blown case of heebie-jeebies.”
Library Journal (starred review)

Her Every Fear (9780062427021) by Peter Swanson. $26.99 hardcover. 1/10/17 on sale.


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