Publicity: Carve the Mark – Veronica Roth

Woot! It’s finally here. In her first new storyline since the Divergent series, Veronica Roth’s eagerly awaited new book seems poised to be a #1 bestseller.

The marketing campaign is huge and the traditional media coverage includes NPR’s Weekend Edition on January 14th. ET, Seventeen, Parade, Cosmo and interviews on CBS’s This Morning and USA Today’s Facebook Live.

If you want to start reading early, download the first chapter of Carve the Mark here.

The preorder campaign includes a free mini-book epilogue to Divergent titled We Can Be Mended. Anyone who orders a copy of Carve the Mark before 1/17/17 and registers by uploading the receipt will be mailed a copy of We Can Be Mended. Details here.

“Roth’s world building is commendable; each nation is distinct, interacting with the current in ways that give insight into her characters’ motivations. Amid political machinations and forays into space, Roth thoughtfully addresses substantial issues, such as the power of self-determination in the face of fate. Readers will eagerly await a second installment.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The fascinating, fantasy-sf-hybrid world building is deftly deployed and adds considerable depth. Inevitably, it ends on a tantalizing cliff-hanger, but Roth’s fans will be happily on board for the forthcoming sequel.”

“There’s no escaping comparisons to Veronica Roth’s dominating Divergent series, but Carve the Mark will hold up very well to the high expectations. We find ourselves in a fascinating and colorful universe with differing planets all connected by the current, a sort of life-force/religious entity that both unites and divides people….Nobody expects Cyra and Akos to be anything more than master and servant – but as they begin to rely on each other their relationship becomes something that will change the course of fate. Fantastical, magical, and romantic, fans of Leigh Bardugo and S.J. Kincaid will gobble this up like candy.”
— Kelly Morton, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH

Carve the Mark (9780062348630) by Veronica Roth. $22.99 hardcover. 1/17/17 one day laydown.

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