Giving Tuesday – Consider The Book Industry Charitable Foundation

Started in 2012 as a response to Black Friday, it’s been wonderful to see how strongly Giving Tuesday has taken hold in just four years.

If you read this blog, you care about books and book culture. One of my favorite charitable organizations helps keep that culture vital by helping booksellers in need.

Here’s The Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s inaugural ambassador Ann Patchett explaining what Binc does to help booksellers stay on the job and in careers they are passionate about.


Full disclosure: I’m on the board of Binc. So I could give you a bunch of stats about how much money has been given away and the number of people Binc has helped over the years–but this thank you note from a bookseller explains it so much better.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This isn’t easy to diagnose, I learned, and the process required many expensive tests and expensive visits with specialists, as well as a hospital stay and time off work. I paid what I could, but I don’t know what I would have done without Binc to help with the remainder. They made the process of applying very easy, even in my exhausted and mentally foggy state, and paid my outstanding bills promptly. The person assisting me even sent me a book on living with chronic illness, and this small kindness meant so much to me. This organization is a true blessing for people in the book business and I can’t thank them enough.”

Please consider Binc in your year-end giving plans. This is a great day to do it–and through the end of the year the Binc Board of Directors will match your gift!

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