Publicity: Dylan Goes Electric! – Elijah Wald

Booksellers are being deluged by publishers this week with suggestions for books on Bob Dylan now that he has won the Nobel Prize. Let me climb on to that train with a recent title of ours:

Dylan Goes Electric covers the seminal moment in modern musical history when Bob Dylan shocked the Newport Folk Festival by playing an electric set. It was said that he “electrified one half of his audience, and electrocuted the other.” The book got great reviews and Janet Maslin said in the NYT that “it’s the agility of Mr. Wald’s thinking and his willingness to treat a long-ossified event as living history that give Dylan Goes Electric! its bite.”

Dylan Goes Electric! Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night That Split the Sixties (9780062366696) by Elijah Wald. $15.99 trade paper. 6/14/16 on sale.


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