Fiction Short Take: Lost Gods – Brom

Finished copies of this were done in time for the Mountains and Plains Discovery Show last weekend and Boulder Book Store’s April Gosling reminded me of Brom’s enduring cult appeal as we were flipping through looking at the stunning illustrations. In previous books, Brom has delivered dark, lushly illustrated stories based on classic myths. Lost Gods takes a slightly new direction creating a quest story in a world of his own making but informed by mythology. Fans will not be disappointed.

Lost Gods is another solid twist of a mythological novel by Brom. Chet has sworn to do good by his girlfriend and their child. Even death can’t stop him. But when he reaches purgatory, he finds it in the middle of a war. And the key to getting back to life is in the hands of his grandfather, who is on the other side. Brom is a smart fill in for those American Gods fans as well as those who like Galilee by Clive Barker. I will always appreciate how he weaves unrelated mythologies together pretty damn seamlessly.”
–April Dawn Gosling, Boulder Book Store, Boulder, CO

“Chet must descend to purgatory, where, he will learn, nothing is what it seems and some things are much worse than being dead. Chet’s exciting adventures occur in an inventive hodgepodge of mythical and literary netherworlds…[F]ans of Brom’s weirdly offbeat imagination will find much to admire.”
Kirkus Reviews

Lost Gods (9780062095688) by Brom. $27.99 hardcover. 10/25/16 on sale.

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