Autobiography Short Take: The Nine of Us – Jean Kennedy Smith

Here’s some Baby Boomer nostalgia for the holiday tables. Smith is the last remaining sibling of JFK, RFK and Teddy Kennedy. The mystique of the Kennedy clan still holds strong sway over my generation and this recollection of a golden childhood—with 60 family photos—is perfectly timed to the season.

“Smith is the last remaining child of Joseph and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, and her tender memoir recounts the family’s early home life….Her narrative takes readers back in time to the 1930s–1950s, when the now nearly mythic Kennedy family consisted of two devoted parents and their nine children….Smith divulges domestic routines and rules; chronicles the family’s love of the ocean and sports, especially touch football, sailing, and tennis; and explores her mother’s insistence upon ‘cultivation of the mind’ and learning about the world….Smith sprinkles numerous family photos and quotes throughout the narrative, providing additional dimension. This is a sweet and loving look back at the Kennedy family.”
Publishers Weekly

The Nine of Us: Growing Up Kennedy (9780062444226) by Jean Kennedy Smith. $29.99 hardcover. 10/25/16 on sale.

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