Nonfiction Short Take: The Fortress – Danielle Trussoni

Trussoni is the author of the bestselling novel Angelology and returns to memoir for this account of her marriage and its eventual dissolution. The story starts in America and ends in a small village in France as her husband becomes increasingly unbalanced and Trussoni and her children flee the medieval stone fortress they made their home.

“Trussoni’s [story] is a memoirist’s dream life, ripe for storytelling, and she’s an expert at it. As the story begins, she is a single mother dating a Bulgarian author on a visa visit to the U.S. He is sensitive, brilliant, and appealingly eccentric; he is also duplicitous, but she doesn’t like thinking about that. His visa expires and he sells her on the romance of a quick trip to Bulgaria to get it renewed; the visa requires, he fails to mention, that he stay in Bulgaria for two years. Startled, but still game, she marries him and has a daughter. More deceptions follow….Her husband becomes unbalanced, installing locks on the interior doors of their house and carving Tibetan symbols for death on his office door…[and] draws her into a gutter fight to extract herself and her children. It’s a powerful story, and she has the fortitude and the judgment to do it justice.”
Publishers Weekly

The Fortress: A Love Story (9780062459008) by Danielle Trussoni. $27.99 hardcover. 9/20/16 on sale.


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