Nonfiction Short Take: Soul at the White Heat – Joyce Carol Oates

JCO on writing and obsession. We’re sitting at the master’s knee here, people…

“This collection of essays, reviews, and lectures…taken as a whole provides an eclectic survey of contemporary American literature….[T]he author is also one of the U.S.’s keenest literary critics, as the works collected here demonstrate in abundance. The book’s first section, ‘The Writing Life,’ contains a lecture and a trio of essays. These are generous and engaging….In the second section, Classics,’ a standout is her invigorating dive into H.P. Lovecraft’s contributions to genre and literary fiction. The third section, ‘Contemporaries,’ is the largest and most cohesive. Reading these selected reviews, one develops an acute sense of Oates’s literary philosophy as she lovingly yet rigorously critiques works by a diverse set of authors, including Derek Raymond and Jeanette Winterson….”
Publishers Weekly

Soul at the White Heat: Inspiration, Obsession, and the Writing Life (9780062564504) by Joyce Carol Oates. $27.99 hardcover. 9/20/16 on sale.


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