Nonfiction Short Take: Marrow – Elizabeth Lesser

This is a memoir by a cofounder of the Omega Institute and the bestselling author of Broken Open. It’s a moving exploration of the bonds of sisterhood in the face of illness and death. Lesser will be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on October 2nd and coverage will also include author essays and interviews in Time, The NY Post, Psychology Today and more.



“In this profound and ultimately uplifting memoir [Lesser] shares the experience of becoming her younger sister’s bone-marrow donor after the sister’s recurrence of stage-IV mantle-cell lymphoma….Whatever their differences growing up, the bone-marrow transplant brings them closer together; they even visit a therapist to confront any past misunderstandings and emotionally prepare for the procedure. Along with a memoir of family love, fortitude, and healing, Lesser offers advice on living a soul-centered life, on how to talk to cancer patients, on how to live with authenticity, and on many other topics. She also provides a fascinating explanation of the bone-marrow-transplant process….Readers will be inspired by Lesser’s wise and loving approach to both life and death.”
Publishers Weekly

 “Elizabeth Lesser has reached deep down—down beyond even her bones, and into the center of her soul—to write this beautiful book about her sister’s struggle with cancer. Every page of this book is rich with love….This is truly a beautiful book, and an important one.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Marrow: A Love Story (9780062367631) by Elizabeth Lesser. $25.99 hardcover. 9/20/16 on sale.

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