Nonfiction Short Take: Darling Days – iO Tillett Wright

A coming of age story at the intersection of punk, poverty, heroin, and art in 1980’s New York. Publisher Daniel Halpern compares it to another groundbreaking book of his, Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Tillett Wright is a gender activist and artist known for her work on the Self Evident Truths project about gender identity.

Wright’s tale of growing up in Manhattan in the late 1980s and ’90s, is in broad strokes a tale of love and loss—both referring to her mother Rhonna, a force of nature whose fierce, unconditional love for her child morphs over years to become an abusive, substance-addicted relationship….The book’s most vital aspect is its exploration of growing up gender-variant, and Wright’s passionate descriptions of her fear of gendered bathrooms and locker rooms, self-baffling relationship with sex and sexuality, and attempts to ‘pass’ as a boy from the age of six have never been more timely. The prose is beautiful and aches with emotion….”
Publishers Weekly

 “Gender-defying iO Tillett Wright mixes such a high-octane cocktail of radiant ink, wild anecdotes, bad behavior, and gritty truths-topped off with an unexpected tonic of transcendence-it could stagger Charles Dickens, electrify Maxim Gorky, and cause Jane Austen to walk around in army boots.”
— Tom Robbins

Look for coverage in Elle, NYTBR, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Interview, Out and a first serial in the Lenny Letter.

Darling Days: A Memoir (9780062368201) by iO Tillett Wright. $26.99 hardcover. 9/27/16 on sale.


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