New Nonfiction: Feminist Fight Club – Jessica Bennett

You might not be immediately familiar with this author but my guess is that you’re pretty familiar with her riff on Resting Bitch Face where she cleanly dissects this sexism inherent in this meme (a meme that of course has no male equivalent).

Bennett and her friends started meeting to talk their experiences with sexism in workplace some years ago and it is out of those discussions that Feminist Fight Club was born as a way of not just venting but addressing what she terms “microagressions” in the workplace.

My guess is that many women will be familiar with workplace frustrations like “manterruption” and “menstruhater.” That Bennett can lay them out in a way that is at once pointed and hilarious is one of the pleasures of this book. Add original illustrations, Feminist Mad Libs, a Negotiation Cheat Sheet, behavioral and historical research and it’s not your everyday business book.

Coverage starts with Forbes, Time, Washington Post, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire and Bust.

Bringing levity to common frustrations, Bennett lists ways (or ‘fight moves’) to combat the bad behavior of workplace-perpetrator archetypes….She gives advice on avoiding coffee fetching and ‘office housework’ and hacks away at sexist stereotypes with discussions on such issues as the fine line between assertive and aggressive….Tips on self-confidence boosting are punctuated with quotations from Tina Fey, Michelle Obama, and other successful women giving career advice to women. It is saddening that the problems described by the book persist, but Bennett’s light approach and humorous neologisms make fighting the power a lot more palatable.”
Publishers Weekly

 “Jessica Bennett’s all-encompassing guide on how to navigate the patriarchal structure of the modern workplace is an absolutely compelling read and is something that every working woman should keep in her office. The tips and tricks that the author provides are incredibly helpful and the inclusion of real world examples of the feminine struggle in the workplace effectively demonstrate the fervor with which women need to assert themselves in their careers. Bennett’s spunky attitude coupled with her witty writing style make Feminist Fight Club a total delight while also being an encouraging, supportive, and useful book that every female, no matter how young or old, no matter an executive or assistant, should have in their arsenal when tackling the maze that is a modern career. Working women unite!”
— Sarah Kellam, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Crestview Hills, KY

Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace (9780062439789) by Jessica Bennett. $24.99 hardcover. 9/13/16 on sale.

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