Cookbook Short Take: Life in Balance – Donna Hay

Cookbooks aren’t my usual beat but I always keep an eye on Australian Donna Hay because a good friend loves her books. This latest is, as always, a gorgeous piece of eye candy—but it’s also Hay’s take on healthy eating and based on her own personal experience.

It jumped out at me because it received two glowing advance reviews. Since it’s from Harper Australia, fans may well not see it everywhere so this seems like an opportunity for Indies with discerning cookbook sections.

[T]asty and gorgeously photographed recipes….This newest collection aims to assist home cooks in eating more fresh foods, including ‘superfoods’ such as greens, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Recipes including Brussels sprout and goat cheese galettes, roasted quinoa and tomato soup with Parmesan wafers and crispy basil, and orange and chia seed syrup cake are easy to prepare….Recommended for readers who dislike the idea of dieting but want to explore popular health foods.

“[A] ‘clean and lean’ approach to cooking in this stylish, eye-popping take on the power of balanced eating. Hay uses vitamin-packed whole foods as the basis for over 115 nourishing recipes aimed at energizing the plate and home cooking…. Hay’s balanced ‘fresher approach to eating’ reveals the benefits and beauty of eating across the spectrum of whole foods.
Publishers Weekly

Life in Balance (9781460750322) by Donna Hay. $34.99 trade paper original. 9/6/16 on sale.

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