Fiction Short Take: All True Not a Lie in It – Alix Hawley

I almost missed reviewing this one when an impressive endorsement from PW reminded me about it. This energetic historical novel about the life of Daniel Boone—ambitiously told in Boone’s voice—also gets high praise from Tracy Chevalier: “Alix Hawley has really done a number on an American folk hero. With vivid imagery and a strong, dreamlike voice, she confidently strips away the myth of Daniel Boone to reveal the strange, pulsing man underneath. It is a remarkable feat and a remarkable book.”

“Adventure is both wondrous and tragic for Boone, who sees his first herd of buffalo and traverses the beautiful, untouched land of Kentucky but also has multiple run-ins with the Shawnee and grieves the deaths of loved ones. The narrative is carried by the strong, poetic voice, which at times is as hard to pin down as the man himself. Boone’s ghosts—of both people and places—follow and haunt him despite his attempts to shake them off through almost constant exploration into the unknown. Hawley’s marvelous book shines light on a figure that has become more legend than man, sharing an intimate and raw portrayal of Boone that rings true.”
Publishers Weekly

All True Not a Lie in It (9780062470096) by Alix Hawley. $15.99 trade paper original. 8/9/16 on sale.

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