Nonfiction Short Take: Powerhouse – James Andrew Miller

Unless you’re a buyer, you haven’t heard much about this one because it’s under a publicity embargo. Author James Andrew Miller is written two previous bestsellers (Those Guys Have All the Fun and Live from New York) and this new book seems likely to give him his third.

It’s an oral history of Creative Artists Agency, Hollywood’s largest talent agency and a major force in movies, television, music, and sports for the last fifty years. If that sounds like something you’d just file away in the business or media section, consider what The New York Post said about the book in its Summer Reading feature:

It’s dishy. It’s like People Magazine meets The Godfather. It’s like nothing else. I ate it up.”

Because of the embargo I can’t really give too much detail here but I can say it’s like watching fifty Jerry Maguire and Ari Golds duking it out, not to mention getting the juicy back stories of their A list clients.

So far coverage is scheduled in The New Yorker, The NYT, Vanity Fair, Sport Illustrated and The Today Show. I expect a lot more.

Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency (9780062441379) by James Andrew Miller. $32.50 hardcover. 8/9/16 on sale.

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