Nonfiction Short Take: Chaos Monkeys – Antonio Garcia Martinez

Heads up, Michael Lewis fans! Chaos Monkeys is a rollicking insider’s look at the intersection of money, innovation, ambition and power in the tech industry, written by one of their own.

The title comes from a tech term: A “chaos monkey” is software that tests an online service’s ability to survive failure and correct mistakes before they actually occur. Garcia Martinez—a tech entrepreneur who has worked inside Twitter and Facebook—makes the argument that today’s tech innovators are society’s chaos monkeys, disruptors transforming every aspect of our lives, from transportation (Uber) to television (Netflix).

It’s lively writing and a wild ride through an industry that has changed almost every aspect of how we live. You can get a fun peek at the book in this month’s Vanity Fair which is running a first serial.

Coverage is also coming in Wired, The NYT Book Review, CBS This Morning and APM’s Marketplace.

Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley (9780062458193) by Antonio Garcia Martinez. $29.99 hardcover. 6/28/16.

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