New Picture Book: Otter Goes to School – Sam Garton

To read Gorton’s sly, whimsical stories about a loveable, didactic otter and her best friend Teddy is to be charmed. This is for fans of Wallace and Grommit.

Every new Otter book offers me the opportunity to rerun this hilarious early video from Garton:


“After learning that her adult Otter Keeper did all his best learning at school, Otter knows exactly what to do: start a school of her own. She’ll be the teacher, naturally….Otter writes down all the numbers she knows (‘No one could work out what to do after that. So everyone just took turns holding the calculator’), and students Giraffe and Pig earn gold stars for excellence…. As in Otter’s previous books, Garton’s wry sense of humor and richly detailed artwork generate a steady stream of laughs.”
Publishers Weekly

Otter Goes to School (9780062352255) by Sam Gorton. $17.99 hardcover. 6/14/16 on sale.

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