New Fiction: Brighton – Michael Harvey

Harvey writes the kind of suspense I find particularly rewarding: Steeped in a sense of place, rich in character and motivation, the plots seem to develop organically toward a tragic denouement. The NYT has called him “One of the best…in the game.”

His last six books have been a Chicago-based series. With Brighton, Harvey returns to his native Boston for a story about two working class kids—the one who got out, the one who stayed behind, and the childhood crime that comes back to haunt them. This will likely appeal to readers who loved Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River. It’s already been optioned by the Oscar-winning producer of The Departed and The Town–a guy with a knack for identifying a good Boston-based suspense story.

Sharp as the blades used to gut the guilty and innocent alike, Harvey’s fierce stand-alone is a blood-soaked tribute to finding your past and living with the consequences.”
Kirkus (starred review)

“This gritty standalone…focuses on two childhood friends who have gone in dramatically different directions as adults. Kevin Pearce starts life as an intelligent young man born into poverty and a brutal home life in 1970s Brighton, a hard-bitten section of Boston. Kevin’s best friend, Bobby Scales, is a violent urban Huck Finn who’s also capable and loyal. After Kevin’s grandmother is murdered in a grisly home invasion, Kevin and Bobby ambush and slay the killer…. Harvey crisply evokes the dark side of the Boston urban underclass inhabiting a fractured neighborhood in a constant state of casual violence and brutality. An intense, twist-filled climax caps the unremittingly gloomy but moving story.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Masterful. . . . With a gritty atmosphere, extraordinary characters, and several stunning twists. . . . Strongly recommended for fans of Dennis Lehane.”
Booklist (starred review)

Brighton is the f***king bomb! I loved it.”
— Stephen King

Brighton (9780062442970) by Michael Harvey. $27.99 hardcover. 6/14/16 on sale.

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