Fiction Short Take: Rich and Pretty – Rumaan Alam

This story moves the classic coming of age story to the next phase. It captures the friendship of two women as their adult lives take off, shifting from school to work, from crushes to weddings, from BFF to the tricky negotiation of mature friendship.

Books like this are always in the telling–and it looks like this one works. It’s been included in a number of summer beach read round ups and Emma Straub (no beach read slouch herself) calls it “smart, sharp and beautifully made.”

A sweet yet cutting exploration of the bonds of friendship in competitive New York City. Alam moves the story forward with seamless transitions from Sarah to Lauren’s voice, punctuated by scenes of biting dialogue… With astute descriptions of how values, tastes, desires, and ambitions change over two decades, Alam’s tale of a divergent friendship smartly reflects the trial and error nature of finding a mate and deciding how to grow up.”
Publishers Weekly

“Perfectly capturing a changing yet resilient friendship, this debut novel full of warmth and humor will appeal to anyone who has experienced a similar bond.”
   — Library Journal

Rich and Pretty (9780062429933) by Rumaan Alam. $25.99 hardcover. 6/7/16 on sale.

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