Nonfiction Short Take: Voyager – Russell Banks

Nice advance reviews across the board for these nonfiction essays on travel and aging from an American master.

“Although billed as ‘travel writings,’ the 10 introspective essays collected in this volume explore their author’s emotional geography as much as the far-flung lands he visits….Acknowledging that the wanderlust that spurs his travels is an outgrowth of his personal tendency to flee from those whose emotional needs he cannot satisfy, he observes, ‘I could see clearly that my courtship narrative and this peripatetic voyage through the archipelago ran parallel to each other in ways both exculpatory and condemning, the one reflecting, enabling, and explicating the other.’ Banks’s descriptions are visually evocative, and his eye for detail is sharpened by the near-spiritual resonance that his travel destinations have for him… Banks makes a magnificent tour guide for landscapes both within and without.”
Publishers Weekly

 “[An] expansive, elegiac reflection on the pleasures and deceptions of travel…[Banks’] clarity of vision and muscular prose are as transporting as a mountain ascent.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[A] gusto-filled, retrospective anthology…Banks’ warm, probing intellect guides readers on thoughtful journeys…Readers will be hard put to find a more engaging travel companion.”

“Banks puts the literature back in travel writing in this extremely well-crafted book.”
Library Journal

Voyager: Travel Writings (9780061857676) by Russell Banks. $25.99 hardcover. 5/31/16 on sale.

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