Nonfiction Short Take – The Time Traveler’s Handbook – Johnny Acton, David Goldblatt and James Wyllie

This history book in the form of a travel guide is a blast!

Have you ever wondered what you might need to wear if you were setting off back in time to attend the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904? Or what might have been the best vantage point from which to witness the eruption of Mount Vesuvius—and still survive?

The thesis here is that the only way to do history is to live it. So witness the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, travel along on Marco Polo’s journey to Xanadu, and attend the opening night of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. This handbook is complete with advice on where and what to eat, what to wear, how to act like a local, and how to stay out of danger. Add paintings, photographs and maps–and you’ll be totally prepared for your journey through time. J

Nifty enough that the NYTBR is reviewing it in early June.

The Time Traveler’s Handbook: 18 Experiences from the Eruption of Vesuvius to Woodstock (9780062469397) by Johnny Acton, David Goldblatt and James Wyllie. $21.99 hardcover. 5/10/16 on sale.


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