Fiction Short Take: Girls on Fire – Robin Wasserman

Wasserman is a well-known YA author making her adult suspense debut with this tale of two teens negotiating the treacherous territory between girlhood and adulthood in the early 1990s. With two love triangles gone violently wrong, Kirkus calls this a story of “[g]irls behaving very, very badly.”

“The story unfolds as a maddening tease, with shocking events waiting around every corner-and an ending that will leave readers stunned.”

Girls on Fire will utterly terrify you — in the best way possible…. A dark, chilling story of secrets, violence, and female friendship, Girls on Fire will burn in the mind long after you finish reading.”

 A book so wonderful, so terrible, so nightmarishly compelling that I hardly knew what to say when I finished reading it. Wasserman has wrapped up a love story inside a murder mystery, a promise and a testament inside a confession—and has a title ever been truer? The reader comes away singed.”
— Kelly Link

“A chilling mix-tape of love, girl crushes, secrets, and revenge… Read it on vacation; read it on the train; read it at the beach; read it at a campfire just about to burn out—but don’t miss it.”

“This book would not let me go. Wasserman crafts a love so sharp and utterly insatiable that the edges separating one body from another blur. This is the story of Hannah and Lacey, whose need for one another is nothing short of parasitic. Girls on Fire is neither a testament to the power of female friendship nor is it a story of first loves. It is a foray into the realm of propulsive desire, and an unsettling answer to the question, ‘who am I without you?’”
— Tara Bagnola, Literati Bookstore, Ann Arbor, MI

Girls on Fire (9780062415486) by Robin Wasserman. $25.99 hardcover. 5/17/16 on sale.

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