New in Paperback: Speak – Louisa Hall

The paperback of this remarkable novel gets a second tour on the Indie Next list next month. It was named to NPR’s Best Books of 2015 as well as a number of other end-of-the-year lists. Put this hypnotic, gorgeously written book in the hands of fans of Stephen Mitchell, Emily St. John Mandel, Michael Cunningham and Margaret Atwood—writers who have used speculative fiction to investigate at the deepest intricacies of what it is to be human. You can catch my original review here.

Speak is that rarest of finds: a novel that doesn’t remind me of any other book I’ve ever read. A complex, nuanced, and beautifully written meditation on language, immortality, the nature of memory, the ethical problems of artificial intelligence, and what it means to be human.”
— Emily St. John Mandel

“The structure of Hall’s second novel-six narratives scattered across four centuries-has already drawn obvious comparisons to Cloud Atlas. But Hall’s voices are more earthbound than David Mitchell’s; explorers of all kinds are overheard speaking into the void, ruminating on lost memories, missed connections, and the fatal flaws of men and their machines.”
New York

Speak (9780062391209) by Louisa Hall.  $15.99 trade paper. 5/3/16 on sale.

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