Fiction Short Take: The Vagrant – Peter Newman

I have to think that the bad-ass cover of this book is what led a number of booksellers to pick up this dystopian fantasy epic which the Voyager team calls “Mad Max meets The Gunslinger and The Book of Eli.” (Definitely a case of “one picture is worth a thousand words”…)

The genre fiction buyer at Schuler Books & Music put it on my radar and I subsequently heard from other booksellers who enjoyed the ride.

 The mute protagonist of The Vagrant travels across a ruined landscape populated with demons and the remaining humans who will do anything they can to survive. With him is a baby, a goat, and a mystical sword he must return to the gods who virtually abandoned his world. Though he says nothing, in Peter Newman’s hands, The Vagrant is marvelously realized. There is enough horror and gore here to satisfy any fan of the Walking Dead, but the general reader will find enough humor and beauty to make this book well worth the read. Peter Newman is an author to watch.”
— Kim Fox, Schuler Books & Music, Grand Rapids, MI

The Vagrant was wild. I love that even though the main character doesn’t speak, you still care deeply for him and feel his emotions through his facial expressions and especially through is care for the baby.  Neither of them can speak, but the emotion is palpable. I liked the blend of post-apocalyptic wasteland and fantasy creatures. The descriptions are vivid and rather nightmare-inducing. I think fans of Stephen King will enjoy this, as well as the post-apocalyptic crowd.”
— Kate Schreffler, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington, KY

The Vagrant (9780008163303) by Peter Newman. $16.99 trade paper original. 5/10/16 on sale.

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