Nonfiction Short Take: Her Again – Michael Schulman

Publicity is lining up really nicely for this respectful yet lively telling of the Meryl Streep’s younger life. Schulman is a New Yorker writer and what I loved as much as the discussion of Streep’s rise to becoming one of our greatest contemporary actresses is the you-are-there feel of New York City in the 1970’s and the revolutionary arts community.

There’s a Vanity Fair first serial; it’s both a Parade and People pick; there will be a feature in US Weekly, an NPR Morning Edition interview with the author. and much more online.

“Drawing on theater memoirs, conversations with Streep’s colleagues and friends, and heaps of interviews that Streep has given over the years, Schulman has fashioned a lively narrative….Schulman’s sensitive handling of Streep’s personal life rounds out the portrait of a superbly talented woman.”
   — Kirkus Reviews

[An] insightful portrait of the acclaimed actor at the dawn of her career….Streep is lauded as one of her generation’s finest acting talents, and her development of her art dominates the narrative, but the author’s informal approach allows us to see a more down-to-earth and relatable side of the actor. We get to know Streep through her brief and impassioned relationship with character actor John Cazale, cut short by his death from lung cancer in 1978, and watch as she grapples with the shifting roles of women in the 1970s and develops her own identity as a feminist….”
— Publishers Weekly

“[Schulman] honestly and engagingly examines each component of Streep’s professional development…[the] research is thorough on all counts, including in-depth biographical material, vivid behind-the-scenes accounts of productions, and contextual background on the theatrical and social culture of the times. He describes people and events with a cinematic flair, providing deeper insights into Streep as a woman as well as a consummate professional.”
   — Library Journal

Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep (9780062342843) by Michael Schulman. $26.99 hardcover. 4/26/16 on sale.

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