Short Take: Girls & Sex – Peggy Ornstein

Anyone who read Ornstein’s bestselling Cinderella Ate My Daughter will likely be interested in her look at this subsequent maturational phase in the life of girls. Like her previous book, this is rich in anecdote and research. Ornstein’s findings will likely shock some parents–which probably makes it required reading for those who want to really understand the world their daughters are negotiating.

Ornstein always gets a ton of media. Major national media includes Fresh Air, People, the NYTBR and LA Times.

“[A] look at what happens when the little princess hits puberty. The result is an eye-opening, sometimes horrifying look at sex for today’s girls and young adults. Through frank interviews, research, and school visits, Orenstein reveals that, on average, young women are engaging in sexual contact earlier than ever, in more varied ways, and reporting more coercion and less satisfaction than their male counterparts….Orenstein draws powerful, humane portraits of her interview subjects, self-reliant young women who find themselves trapped by sexist stereotypes about women’s bodies and women’s pleasure. In this smart, earnest, and timely assessment, Orenstein urges frank, open communication among trusted adults and curious teens, declaring it the best way to encourage girls and boys to make safe, healthy decisions that ‘end in joy and honor rather than regret, guilt, or shame’ and achieve ‘intimate justice.’
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Orenstein has compiled an eye-opening study of the way that girls and women in America think, feel, and act regarding sex…. The abundant information she provides will give parents and young girls the power to make informed decisions regarding sex.”

“Accessible prose and narrative style will bring the work of many thoughtful experts to a wider audience…. Young adults, parents, educators, and activists alike will find this passionate work a timely conversation starter.”
Library Journal

“Sex and teenagers have always gone together, but parents reading Orenstein’s frank exploration of current trends may still be in for a shock…. This isn’t a comfortable book to read (Orenstein herself admits twinges a few times), but it’s an important one.”

Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape (9780062209726) by Peggy Ornstein.  $26.99 hardcover. 3/29/16 on sale.

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