Short Take: CRUSH – edited by Cathy Alter and Dave Singleton

This well-priced collection includes celebs as diverse as James Franco and Roxane Gay. I have to say there’s something weirdly compelling and poignant about folks like Stephen King, Jodi Picoult and Carrie Fisher revealing the their youthful crushes Donny Osmond, River Phoenix Michael Jackson, Speed Racer and characters from Little House on the Prairie. Advance reviews point out that the collection offers much more than an opportunity for some celebrity gawking.

 This charming book takes a look at first crushes—the ones that leave an ‘indelible image and happen when our young selves believe ‘anything and everything [is] both possible and futile.’…The authors do a remarkable job collecting different types of crushes while keeping the reminiscences short and sweet (one is just half a page). Carolyn Parkhurst’s zippy celebrity fantasy provides a pleasingly lighthearted conclusion to a book that balances heartbreak and relief, blind love and terror.”
Publishers Weekly

 “The seemingly lightweight premise of an anthology built around celebrity crushes yields an outstanding selection of poignant and thought-provoking stories.”

CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing and the Power of Their First Celebrity Crush (9780062399557) by Cathy Alter and Dave Singleton. $19.99 hardcover. 4/5/16 on sale.

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