Short Take – Nonfiction: Raising Ryland – Hillary Whittington

Readers—parents especially–who were drawn to the bestseller Becoming Nicole, will also find a model for supporting trans kids in the Whittington’s story. The family’s original homemade video about Ryland has garnered over 7.7 million views on YouTube.


And here’s a shorter piece specifically about making the book:

“Whittington, a mother of two, poignantly chronicles the transformative journey of Ryland, her young son who was born female…Both the author and her husband struggled with…his gender identity, and childhood development, while their greatest ‘fears came from how the world would view our child.’ The road was arduous, yet it began with a simple haircut and proper pronoun use…[T]he Whittingtons proactively educated themselves, posted videos online, and emerged as a consistently supportive and nurturing unit. Sensitively handled and written in breezy prose that doesn’t linger too long on the expository details of their ordeal, the author sets a fine example for other parents either imagining or personally experiencing a similar situation….An uplifting testimonial to the power of unconditional familial love and acceptance.”

Kirkus Reviews

Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child with No Strings Attached (9780062388889) by Hillary Whittington. $15.99 trade paper original. 2/23/16 on sale.


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