New Picture Book: Frankencrayon – Michael Hall

I liked Michael Hall’s early and best-selling picture books but I loved Red: A Crayon’s Story–Grant’s crayon-themed allegory about finding everyone’s talent and not pigeon-holing others as deficient. Frankencrayon continues to riff off that idea with a story that shows how “mistakes” often lead to our most exciting creations.

“A just-for-fun mash-up of monster movie references and schoolroom shenanigans…Hall’s genius application of crayon drawings and cut-paper collage creates a product that any child could see himself making, and that’s how artists and authors are born. A monstrously entertaining read.”
School Library Journal (starred review)

The bright cut-paper crayons hold a running commentary as a humorous Greek chorus, and the scribble’s appearance against both black and white backgrounds adds striking visuals, effectively supporting the ultimate message of inclusion and creative problem solving.”

“Hall fills his story within a story with intrigue, theater, and a whole lot of silly. …The illustrations are compelling, with cut-paper crayons and a variety of textures and typefaces.”
Kirkus Reviews


Frankencrayon (9780062252111) by Michael Hall. $17.99 hardcover. 1/26/16 on sale.

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