Short Take: Midnight in Broad Daylight – Pamela Rotner Sakamoto

We’re getting some nice interest in this book thanks to the popularity if George Takei’s play Allegiance which is now on Broadway. Midnight in broad Daylight is a story of one Japanese-American family during World War II, whose brothers fought for both Japan and the U.S. This video nicely outlines the moving complexities of the story:

Advance reviews have been good and we’ll have coverage at in sale in USA Today and The Daily Beast, with more to come.

“An intimately detailed look at the agony of a Japanese American family struggling to maintain American loyalty amid discrimination and war. . . . A richly textured narrative history. . . . A beautifully rendered work wrought with enormous care and sense of compassionate dignity.”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“In this sweeping portrait, historian Sakamoto explores family dynamics as she profiles U.S. Army Col. Harry Fukuhara (1920–2015), an eminent linguist whose brother served in Hirohito’s army during WWII… [and who himself had] a career in U.S. military intelligence….Sakamoto presents a gripping story of colorful individuals, though her novelistic tone often undermines the gravity of the story she relates.”
Publishers Weekly

Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese American Family Caught Between Two Worlds (9780062351937) by Pamela Rotner Sakamoto. $29.99 hardcover. 1/15/16 on sale.



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