Book of the Week: The Iliad – a new translation by Caroline Alexander

Alexander is most widely known as the author of the bestsellers The Endurance and The Bounty. She also has a doctorate in the classics combined that deep knowledge with a proven track for making the past come alive in 2009’s The War that Killed Achilles. The NYT called that book a “spirited and provocative reading of the world’s mightiest epic.” In it she examined the ways in which The Iliad asks timeless questions about the utility and ethics of war that resonate with a chilling immediacy in our times. (There’s a great NPR interview here.)

Now Alexander offers her own original translation of The Iliad itself, which the editor calls:

Lyrical but accessible, [Alexander’s] translation, and her illuminating introduction, breathe new life into the powerful poetry and adventurous spirit of the Greek original. Carrying the reader along on a fast stream of action and imagery, this translation is still always faithful to its source, with all its vividness and intensity. While re-creating the rhythm of the Greek original, this is a captivating new rendition with language that feels fresh and unvarnished….”

With a gorgeous package and Ecco’s track record for publishing important translations, this seems like the sort of thoughtful holiday gift for serious reader that customers count on the Indies to let them know about.

“This powerful and readable version of the Iliad is modern without sacrificing the accuracy, energy, or the seriousness of the original.”
   — Library Journal

The Iliad: A New Translation by Caroline Alexander (9780062046277) by Homer, translated by Caroline Alexander. $39.99 hardcover. 11/24/15 on sale.

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