Publicity: John le Carre – Adam Sisman

A great coupling of author and subject here. Sisman is an NBCC Award-winning biographer and le Carre is apparently great material, with Sisman granted access to all of the author’s personal archives. An early review from the NYTBR suggests that more of the same will be coming from the ample review coverage, including the WSJ, Newsweek, Time, Harper’s, Atlantic, Daily Beast, National Review and San Francisco Chronicle.

“ . . . .A biography one imagines le Carré wanted.  Admiring without being toadying, detailed without being overstuffed, highly readable and, above all, knowledgeable about the work. . . . Sisman is the kind of thorough, serious writer who inspires trust — one feels that he has been discreet.  He doesn’t compromise on understanding of the life.   . . . the book offers a knowing refresher course, and what we take away is a new appreciation of le Carré’s full range.”
New York Times Book Review

John le Carre: The Biography (9780062106278) by Adam Sisman. $28.99 hardcover. 11/3/15 on sale.


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