Short Take: Rice, Noodle, Fish – Matt Goulding

This is top shelf gastro-tourism from the Editor and Publisher of Roads & Kingdoms, the former food editor of Men’s Health and co-author of the bestselling series Eat This, Not That­. It has a forward by Anthony Bourdain and is beautifully designed with maps, charts, and color photographs throughout. Goulding has created a book that is equal parts travel guide and a celebration of Japan’s food culture.

“Goulding presents this glorious account of his culinary travels throughout Japan. He manages to be entertaining, informative and inspirational as he recounts his many meals in one of the world’s most popular food destinations. Goulding’s deep appreciation for the food, country and culture shines through….This combination of must-sees and recommendations for day trips outside the major cities offers an immersive experience, giving readers an initiate’s sense of the country and personalities that make up the food culture. Goulding’s gift for phrasing and razor-sharp prose elevate what could have been yet another rote travelogue into something much better.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Goulding successfully illuminates the vast and deep yet acute and precise palatal scale that is Japanese cuisine—using words. Encompassing Japan’s seven key regions, the author peels back the layers of access and entry, tradition, and history through the lens of food [in] this new breed of travel book.”
Library Journal (starred review)

Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels Through Japan’s Food Culture (9780062394033) by Matt Goulding. $35.00 hardcover. 10/27/15 on sale.

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