New Nonfiction: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs – Lisa Randall

Randall is shaping up to be the next rock star of general science writing. Two previous books have been New York Times Notables, this one arrives with three starred advance reviews, and the scope of her media coverage includes such diverse outlets as the NYTBR, New York Review of Books, The Atlantic, Discover, Science, Mental Floss, PRI’s Science Friday, Charlie Rose, Fareed Zakaria GPS, BBC World News America and APM’s On being with Krista Tippett.

“Using accessible writing and vivid examples, Randall, a theoretical particle physicist and cosmologist at Harvard University, examines the indirect role dark matter may have played in the extinction of the dinosaurs, as just one example of the unlikely connections to be found in the universe….Hers is a fascinating, tantalizing theory, linking life on Earth–or the extinction thereof–with the very origins of our universe.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Engrossing in its own right, this theory opens onto an illuminating survey of the cutting-edge science now deployed to test its components, including its daring redefinition of dark matter. As she did in Warped Passages (2005) and Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2011), Randall delivers intellectual exhilaration.”
Booklist (starred review)

“Writing in a deceptively chatty narrative style, Randall provides a fascinating window into the excitement of discovery and the rigor required to test and elaborate new hypotheses. A top-notch science book from a leading researcher.”
Kirkus (starred review)

“Only Lisa Randall can take us on such a thrilling scientific journey—from dinosaurs to DNA to comets to dark matter and to past and future of our species. Randall’s research is so thorough, the story so powerful, and her storytelling so compelling that I could not put this book down.”
— Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of Emperor of All Maladies

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: The Astounding Interconnectedness of the Universe (9780062328472) by Lisa Randall. $29.99 hardcover. 10/27/15 on sale.

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