Short Take: Mendocino Fire – Elizabeth Tallent

This is a master storywriter’s first new book in twenty years. Readers of The New Yorker and other literary magazines will remember Tallent’s work and count her among contemporaries like Lorrie Moore and Louise Erdrich. Review coverage is already slated in the NYTBR and Vanity Fair.

“In her fourth collection, Tallent explores the spaces between people through 10 expertly crafted stories. Mostly set in California with forays into Iowa, the book features characters with strong ties to place, whether they’re navigating the wilds of academia or of nature….Taken as a whole, these stories examine love in its many forms, with the most successful probing the realm of romantic love, where Tallent addresses emotional conflicts with a refreshingly light touch. Tallent’s collection offers a smart, thought-provoking study of desire and disappointment.”
Publishers Weekly

 This collection of stories in the American realist tradition has an adventurous, untethered feeling, with wide-ranging locales and points of view. . . . Tallent’s assured voice is a pleasure to follow through this book. . . . An ambitious and wide-ranging set of stories that creates empathy for most of its characters due to Tallent’s generous imagination.”
   — Kirkus Reviews

 “Elizabeth Tallent’s style is so distinctive, and it’s the kind of writing I so enjoy, never obvious, full of complex thought and perception, so boldly ambitious.”
— Tessa Hadley

Mendocino Fire (9780062410344) by Elizabeth Tallent. $24.99 hardcover. 10/20/15 on sale.

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