Short Take: I Must Be Living Twice – Eileen Myles

Fans of Patti Smith may enjoy this major collection, steeped in the culture of New York City and recalling a radical literary and artistic life.

“Spanning 10 books and four decades, this selected volume solidifies Myles’s reputation as both an underground star and a major force in contemporary poetry. Myles (Snowflake/Different Streets) often traffics in intimate and autobiographical details, providing an opportunity for the personal to spread across questions of poetics, class, and urbanity, among others. Her early poems often lingered in the consciousness for decades, finding small but devoted audiences yet dismissed by the mainstream, not in small part because of their direct engagement with her life as a queer, working-class woman. Myles’s poetic performance is complex, though it can appear deceptively simple….This volume includes many out-of-print poems as well as new work and a brief 2014 essay by Myles on her poetics. Readers will be thrilled not only that this old work is available again, but that the new work is as impressive as ever.”
Publishers Weekly

 “Her work is hard to describe, best encountered on its own terms; suffice to say it combines frankness and beauty in a truly original way.”
   — The Guardian

I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems 1975 – 2014 (9780062389084) by Eileen Myles. $29.99 hardcover. 9/29/15 on sale.

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