Halloween Picture Books: Happy Halloween, Witch’s Cat! & Otter Loves Halloween!

Booksellers are starting to think about Halloween tables and I can’t resist suggesting two favorite candidates:

“In this warm mother-daughter-focused Halloween celebration, the catsuit-wearing heroine of I Am a Witch’s Cat gives readers a brief primer on colors as she considers her costume options. Once again, Muncaster’s carefully assembled and impressively detailed miniature scenes are a major source of the story’s charm. It opens in the family kitchen where the ‘special witch’s cat’ makes Halloween cookies with her mother, ‘a good witch.’…[and realizes] that Halloween is the perfect time for a witch and her familiar to switch places.”
Publishers Weekly

 Happy Halloween, Witch’s Cat! (9780062229168) by Harriet Muncaster. $15.99 hardcover. 7/21/15 on sale.


“What happens when the frightener becomes the frightened? That’s the problem confronting the star of I Am Otter and Otter in Space when the trick-or-treaters who show up prove to be ‘very scary—almost too scary!’ …. Luckily, her human Otter Keeper is there to offer both comfort and a costume tweak…. The joyful chaos of everyday life with a child (or otter) permeates Garton’s cartoons and should keep kids laughing from start to finish.”
Publishers Weekly

 Otter Loves Halloween! (9780062366665) by Sam Garton. $9.99 hardcover. 7/21/15 on sale.

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