Short Take: Darkness the Color of Snow – Thomas Cobb

Cobb is perhaps best known as the author of Crazy Heart, a book the Chicago Tribune called “a masterpiece.” Like that book, this is another story of flawed people trying to do right (along with some who aren’t). Cobb writes great characters and while this suspenseful story is set in motion by plot—a horrific hit-and-run accident at a rural traffic stop—it’s the complexity of the well-drawn characters that draws you in. This one’s for fans of writers like Tom Franklin and Wiley Cash.

“Gritty and tense, Cobb’s new novel exposes small-town hypocrisy, petty rivalries, jealousy, and media-fueled hysteria as a young rookie police officer is unfairly blamed for a hit-and-run fatality. When patrolman Ronald Forbert tries to arrest Matt Laferiere for drunk driving, the confrontation turns violent and deadly, and Ronald must defend his actions in a town where everyone knows there was bad blood between him and Matt. Police Chief Gordy Hawkins and his officers back up Ronald’s story, and so do three witnesses, but as public pressure to blame someone mounts, one coerced witness changes his version, with disastrous results….Nobody wins in this tale, but that never detracts from its undeniable power.”
Publishers Weekly

Darkness the Color of Snow (9780062391247) by Thomas Cobb. $25.99 hardcover. 8/18/15.

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