Publicity: Smoke Jumper – Jason A. Ramos and Julian Smith

I was in Montana during the Glacier Park fire a couple weeks ago and saw this book front and center at pretty much every bookstore I dropped through. It’s even more timely with the West Coast now battling drought-fueled blazes.

I’m happy to see it getting the coverage it deserves, including this great review in last week’s Sunday Washington Post:

Many books have been written about firefighting, and there have been a number of excellent tomes about battling forest fires. Jason A. Ramos, a veteran smokejumper with the U.S. Forest Service, adds to this canon with his touching and fast-paced memoir. . . Ramos’s career is the backbone of the memoir, as it should be, but some of its most enjoyable and salient parts come when he is describing the nature of fire and its raw power. Co-authored by travel and science writer Julian Smith, the book often reads as if written by someone who has come to admire an adversary he has long studied — with precision and perspective, sometimes with a touch of poetry. . . a fun and valuable read for anyone seeking to learn more about those who are willing to risk their lives to battle such deadly infernos.”

 Other recent publicity includes NPR/Fresh Air, USA Today review and “Weekend Pick,” the Seattle Times and National Geographic.

Smokejumper: A Memoir by One of America’s Most Select Airborne Firefighters (9780062319623) by Jason A. Ramos and Julian Smith. $24.99 hardcover. 7/14/15 on sale.

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